Passions that Consume the Soul

Well, we are back from our month-long adventure! I wanted to blog every day on it, but the internet was way sketchier than I anticipated. But it was such an amazing time!  If you were able to follow me on my Facebook or Instagram? I posted some pictures. This was

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Hidden Natural Gems

Ahhhhh! The beauty of Iguazu falls was unlike anything I have ever seen! And I’m not sure how many even know that it’s there. Americans anyway! I know I hadn’t heard of it! But when we flew in yesterday I knew this was gonna be my jam.  It was apparent right

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Welcome to Buenos Aires!

We have arrived! And so have all 11 of our bags! And only missing my mom’s hat. Somehow in all the transferring from the wheelchair, to the aisle chair, to her airplane seat it fell off. But if that’s all we are missing? In fairness to myself, I only have

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I’m a Barbie Girl!

If you haven’t seen it yet and want to see it, please skip reading this blog! I went to see the movie on Saturday night and absolutely loved the movie and the message. Number one message is not a spoiler alert as we all know, Barbie has to leave her

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The Guilt and Worry Trap!

Anybody else live a life full of these two gems? I know I did and still battle with the two. More the worry and anxiety, but I feel that the two can go hand in hand. I have been battling both of these for as long as I’ve been alive,

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Unapologetically U!

When I was growing up there was a show where the slogan was, “When people stop being polite and start being real!” It was always the most fun to watch them when they were real. When they were their authentic selves. Oh, they constantly were annoyed with someone or fighting!

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