Doin’ the Covid Quarantine

Welcome to Covid-19! What a weird time in our world this has all been. I’ve talked to many essential workers who wished they had time off. I am one of the non-essential workers who had to close my business.

My family and I had just gotten back from a cruise where Covid seemed like something that was happening elsewhere. We had to take extra care on the ship, washing our hands before meals, along with applying hand sanitizer. It was a commonsense thing. Then on the morning that we were supposed to be disembarking, the captain came over the loudspeaker at 5:30am. “We regret to inform you…” And immediately, I was like, “Ahhhhh crap!” I knew this announcement was something not good about Covid. I had a bad feeling we were staying on the ship and missing our flight out. So, I went back to bed. Unfortunately, every 30 minutes the captain would come on the loudspeaker to notify us of Every. Single. Detail. Even the smallest things. Turns out we had two crew members on the ship who had been on one with the virus, which was quarantined at sea. The CDC would not let us enter port until these two crew members were tested.
By 10:30am the Coast Guard still hadn’t arrived with the CDC. We had gone to breakfast and I noticed that the crew was setting up for lunch…not a good sign. We ended up having to stay on the ship the rest of the day, praying that we wouldn’t be quarantined for two weeks. I’m assuming it’s not a big party getting stuck on a cruise ship!

While I was away, I was hearing all of the stories about toilet paper being hoarded along with all cleaning products with over %60 alcohol. This sounded like the dumbest thing ever and it was really hard to even comprehend. Low and behold, we got back and when I got into the studio, I began hearing about all the chaos ensuing. I also began searching the stores and online and sure enough, there was nothing available. And I began to worry because I could see that we would not be able to clean our studio with the measures that were being required. That was incredibly frustrating! After 2 days of searching, the Governor began closing small businesses. Because of our clientele and the number of clients not coming to classes, I chose to shut us down at the same time. That was on Tuesday. By Friday almost every small business that was “non-essential” was told that they also needed to close. It was a daze for the first week to say the least.

We were told that it was recommended we stay at home and only go out for essential items and not gather with friends and family. We were officially quarantined. And if you know me, I am incredibly social and attached to my friends and family. At first the idea of being “forced” to do nothing sounded awesome! I got so much done! So much cleaned and so much organized. But humans are not meant to be isolated. We are meant to be around others. We are meant to be connected to each other. It doesn’t matter how many animals we have or how much technology, we are not meant to be alone. It is just not natural. And I began to feel that.

At first, I did keep myself occupied. I read a lot and cooked new meals. And I continue doing this. However, I was also finding myself playing games on my phone and watching a lot of TV. My coach and mentor assigned me the task of beginning to write my own Pilates training program and thank goodness. He kept me accountable and it was much less likely I would fall into a deep depression. I was still not in a great place, even with the assignment. I would go to bed late and get up later. I mean, what was I actually having to wake up for? I live alone. With no work and no clients, I had no one to be held accountable to. Literally there wasn’t even a reason to really wake up. I mean, I had to make my phone call to may parents so they didn’t worry, but that was my day! Even walking the dogs or any type of exercise just did not appeal to me. I don’t think I quite put on the quarantine fifteen, as the joke has become, but I have become soft! So, the goal is to begin toning up before we get back at it next week!

I think with any situation we find out what we are made of. Who we truly are. This has been a true test of character for many. And we have to accept and realize, we do not understand everyone’s situation through this. Actually, we don’t understand their complete situation in life period. That’s where we have to be gentle with others. For me, well I’m a survivor. Even in the darkest of nights. But others could not live through the loneliness. There will be some marriages that end in divorce through this and couples who separate. For some of us, friendships that were broken will be restored. I will come out of this with a very organized and clean house. My friends with kids who used to be so organized and clean? They are finding that there just isn’t time to balance everything. It is my hope that we all come out of this with more empathy and understanding for everyone’s situations. I know that there are some mom’s out there who are envious of all the quiet time I get right now. While I am envious of the hugs they are surrounded by. There is good and bad in all situations in life. We cannot escape that. But it is how we relate and help others that truly matters. It truly is about the little things that make life so wonderful. And that is the biggest lesson I could ever come out of this with.

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