It’s All About Grace

There has been so much talk of healing around me lately that it’s hard not to believe that the universe is telling me something. It has been a rough few months of battling sickness. My whole mind, body, spirit connection has definitely been weak. And the urge to exercise? Nonexistent. Which if you know me? Is very much unlike me.

Recently, though, a spark went off inside of me that it was time to take action in regard to all of this. Even if I had to practice, practice, practice it! My diet has changed, adding in more veggies and healthy fats. Things I am doing? I have given up beef because I tested positive to having a high allergy to it but have very much ignored it. Adding back in daily meditation and walks is another important step to me for healing. I am starting more myofascial work on myself and healing myself knowing that the only way I can heal others is to first start with me, becoming the best version of myself.

Along the Journey

After I had my hand analysis read, and also read my friend Karen’s book, I knew the universe was giving me clear signs to kick myself in the ass. It was made clear from the hand analysis that in order for me to reach the level of success I am meant to have, I have to stop living in fear and be courageous with decisions.

I knew exactly what she was talking about and needed to do. Everything resonated within me. I become overwhelmed because I am someone who makes lists with too much on them and then I end up becoming upset when I cannot finish them in one day. Or I am so overwhelmed, I just don’t do anything. So the suggestion was to shorten my lists. I won’t shorten my lists because I’m scared I will forget things.

But I do think it’s incredibly important for me to allow myself rollover options. And also realizing that I am someone who needs to prioritize meditation, sleep and exercise over finishing a list. Most things in life can wait a day or two. Most things don’t need to be finished right away. It’s my level of perfectionism that gets in my way. My level of OCD. While perfectionism and OCD can be great in some levels of business, they aren’t great for a person’s energy level, or their peace of mind.

Accepting the Bumps

Right now I am trying to be graceful with myself. Adding one new healthy habit in at a time. Changing a not so great habit, again, one at a time. Grace is incredibly hard for a perfectionist as myself. Yet grace for others is what makes me good at my job. Telling others not to apologize when they have questions or when they don’t understand. To realize no apology is needed when they are learning. Yet you will hear me apologize in every one of my mistakes. To live in a state of anxiety until I have fixed whatever mistake I did wrong or feel incredible guilt. It’s a horrible trap that I have put myself in. And learning to get out of it will take time. It will take work. And possibly a lot of it. But it’s worth every bit of that work.

It’s Never Perfect

I think sometimes we look at the most joy filled people and wonder how they got there. We can often assume that because they are so filled with joy, they must not have any problems. Most likely, though, we are completely wrong. Some of the most joy filled people I’ve met have faced incredibly difficult obstacles and challenges in their lives. And somehow? They have found peace in the storm. It’s really quite amazing to watch this type of person. They are the teachers we all should look to and learn from because it’s not that they haven’t faced stuff; they just chose not to let those circumstances define them.

Are you ready to work?

Recently I was challenged by one of these joy filled friends to start really listening and paying attention to words I said about myself. How I said things. Words are so incredibly powerful. And if you let the wrong ones come out, they will begin to define you.

The body and mind listen to what we are saying about ourselves and eventually they believe it. Why do you think right away in the morning therapists, life coaches and those in the health world, tell you to repeat positive affirmations to yourself? It’s because that’s the first thing your mind, body and spirit will hear for the day. And it will translate itself into your day. So this is just one more thing that I will be working on. But again, one change at a time! This is another place I can become overwhelmed trying too much at one time. That’s why just getting into one new healthy habit can lead to the beginning of many more.

Are your ready to heal?

So think about your life…do you feel joyful in the storm or does the storm consume your life? Do you live in past storms daily, letting those storms define you? And if you said yes, are you ready to do the work to get out of the storm? I know I am! And I know for my health and myself? I have no other options. My insides need me to put me first. Above all else. And that is what I am doing. If you’d like to begin gaining tools to become your best self, follow me! Come into our studio and let’s get a plan set up for only you. Make yourself number one so that you can begin to help others reach their highest level of health as well.



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