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I have gotten the honor of being able to edit a wonderful friends self-help book. It has been amazing and honestly has really been inspiring to me. I’ve also gotten some good laughs along the way! And for those that know Karen and me, that’s not hard to do.

I met Karen at our marketing group called Achieve. At first Karen and her husband Steve seemed a bit serious, really listening to what Rob said. I was too, but by the end of each day, your head is so over loaded with inspiration that it feels like it might explode! Rob began talking about how we were encouraged to write a book on our craft and make that part of our 7 streams of income. I looked at him and out of my mouth came “What if it’s a dirty book?” It was over at that point. Once the flood gates were opened, there was no going back for Karen and me.

We feed off of each other. Every time we are together, trying to outdo the other in inappropriateness. Being serious is just really hard for us! We are both the type of person that finds release and true joy laughing. And yet if you knew each of our stories, you’d wonder how we have gotten through them. I will not tell her story, to make sure that you buy the book! And my stories will be told later, in other blogs.

Laughter is sometimes really hard to come by. My entire family loves to laugh and tell jokes. We use sarcasm as a way to show love. We are told that we are quick witted as well, which means bantering can go to a whole other level! And that’s the way that most of my tribe is. We aren’t making fun of each other (unless someone does something really stupid) but we get so much emotional release in that laughter. At least I do.

This is a really tough and serious world. We are all faced with difficulties in our lives. Trials. And I don’t think there’s anybody that will escape those trials. Even if they have buried themselves in a cave. With head phones on. And don’t get eaten by a bear. My point is, we all will face trials at some point in our lives. And these trials are all at different times in our personal journeys.

I remember when my best friend became pregnant with her first child. All the time that I have known her, all she has ever wanted is a family. And she struggled with infertility. The same day that it was confirmed she was in fact pregnant, was the same day that I went through the hardest break up of my life. I’ll never forget her calling me up, in her excitement to tell me and saying, “I hate that I’m so happy when you are so sad.” I immediately jumped in and told her that she deserved this happiness! And I was truly happy for her! It wasn’t even something that crossed my mind. There was no anger or jealousy because she was in a different state of emotions than me. Because this was something she had yearned for so many years. Lots of heartbreak and tears along that journey. I was so filled with joy and happiness for her. Even in my pain. I feel like that’s what love does. But a lot of trials that we went through in life we faced together, and there was a lot of laughter, even in the middle of the sorrow, that got us through those moments.

In my family, we find laughter in really sad and uncomfortable situations. I’m sure people stare at us, wondering why we are being so inappropriate. But it’s just what the Dahl’s do. And I am so grateful for the laughter. Its helped all of us out through much heartache. Even though we don’t see each other often, I always know that when we come together, my heart will be filled, and I’ll leave a little lighter with my cares. We are loud and obnoxious to many, I’m sure. At least Karen and I keep our humor to ourselves! If you buy that, you haven’t met us! And I often find that I can easily make myself laugh. Often at really dumb things I say or do. Or thoughts that come into my mind I shouldn’t share with others!

I do believe laughter can heal the world. When I know I’m going to be around people that will make me laugh, and laugh with me, my day automatically gets better. I look forward to getting a start on things. I look forward to moving forward. And often the laughter inspires me to sometimes just keep moving. If you don’t have people in your life that make you pee your pants from laughter and get a belly ache, you haven’t found your tribe! And if you need help finding laughter, Karen and I will cover that for you! I truly believe that once you find laughter, you will find love. In all areas of your life.


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