Letting Go-A True Gift

What is a Hand Analysis?

A hand analysis was done for me by the wonderful Jayne Sanders and it was absolutely fascinating! The theory is, and it has been scientifically researched and proven, is that we are all born destined for certain things. Certain personality traits.

This isn’t a palm reading. You don’t find out who you are going to marry or when you’re going to die. It’s more about what you need to do to work on healing your life. What these lines say about your life’s work. How you are in relationships. What your strengths are in this life. And although you may know much of this about yourself already, it’s absolutely fascinating seeing just how much our hands were designed just for us. Like our entire body.

Learning About Yourself to become the Master instead of the Student

Always wanting to learn, of course I wanted to see what this was all about. Now, I’m not going to go through all the theory she gives because that’s for you to discover. What I will let you know is a few areas of my life that she nailed. And just so you guys know, she’s met me one time and that was for a very short period of time with many other people to speak with. What I’d like to do here is summarize my reading and how I feel everything ties together…Because it really all connects to who I am. There’s the opposite though to each of these things if I am not working on them.

  1. I have two paths of Service and Peace. Both of which can be positive or negative if they are not worked on
  2. Lots of courage in me but I have a fear of rejection and am very self-critical, causing me to stall or become indecisive.
  3. I am goal oriented and go after what I want. But while I’m still learning what I need to do to reach success, I tend to become paralyzed with the fear of failure
  4. Risk taker-If not worked on leads to aggression or buried rage
  5. I am incredibly intuitive; But many times I don’t listen to my intuition therefore tend to stuck in bad relationships
  6. I fight for the underdog
  7. Deep inner wisdom or feeling like I’m trapped or being controlled by others if I’m not working on this area of my life.
  8. Relationship styles…Need alone time. Freedom is very important to me. Intimacy is tough. Need to work on trust.
  9. Big heart-Blech! Lol
  10. Confusion around Spiritual beliefs
  11. Bend over backwards for others
  12. Bitter pill

All of those make sense for me and my ultimate or Master path. But I am definitely still in the learning and growing process, Student path in so many areas. And we always are growing and learning. But it’s interesting to me that we all have strengths to our personality ,which used correctly, can elevate our lives, but if not nurtured, can make things more difficult.

Using Our Gifts

Jayne informed me that I have a very strong and accurate intuition. When something is about to happen, usually I can feel it in advance. Like someone about to text me. Other people’s energy is also something I can pick up on almost immediately. The problem is, often I don’t want to listen. I tell myself I’m being silly or over analyzing. People tend to tell us intuits that we are too quick to judge. But things always end up the same. Problems arise and someone is left walking away. Usually leaving someone hurt. The intuitive nature has always been within me and I can feel it in my gut when something is wrong or someone just isn’t meant to be in my life.

Goodbye to Control

I have come to understand that this is something I am gifted with and I need to stop trying to force or control the outcome. This was re-affirmed for me yesterday. I have gotten a lot better with this, as my recent relationships have been proof of. If something feels off to me these days, I get away. Some people don’t know until it’s too late, sticking with someone because the world says things like “Well they are so nice! You need to give it a fair shot!” Then years later they were right all along and struggle to get out, knowing that people will get hurt.

For me, I can feel right away when something is off. Now it’s time to get better with saying something or someone is just not right in my life and walk away. Not listening to that intuition also leads to some battles I wouldn’t have had to fight. Anxiety and depression being two of those.

Discovering and Admitting Weakness

It was also seen that I am a go getter and have potential for great success, but I let the fear of failure and rejection put me in a paralyzed place at times. For those that know me well, you know I suffer from a fear of both failure and rejection in almost everything I do. My relationships (friends, family, boyfriends) suffer because of these too, along with my work. Failure is just not an option for me. And if I do fail, it devastates me. Rejection and failure go hand in hand though when you really think about it. Combined they can stop me dead in my tracks.

I told my marketing group that I am always nervous to put a newsletter out to clients because I don’t want them to send me a note saying to remove them from our email list. It sounds ridiculous I know! But to me this means that they don’t like my business. That I have done something wrong. Luckily my team is awesome and reminded me, then that’s not my tribe.

The Right Tribe

I am very scared of doing anything where friends and family might hate me and not want to be around me anymore. In relationships I feel that if I show any of my weaknesses, I will be left. Even a minor weakness. I’m growing. As I was told yesterday, if someone does reject me based on any of the above, they aren’t meant to be in my life. I’m coming to accept this more and more, but like I told her, I am a control freak. Ending one more relationship means failure. Two whammies in one! I don’t like it. So acceptance is something I need to work on. Acceptance that the universe and God know what they are doing better than me. Letting go of control.

Doing the Work

So how do I reach the master path for these things and come out on the elevated side? I have to work. And the first step is to recognize my weaknesses. Then to use skills to help me during those weaker times. As was confirmed, what is needed for me is to meditate, exercise, walk, dive into my creative side (I am an artist and love everything creative), sit in silence…things like that. Things that force me to actually confront, head on, what I’m feeling. Incredibly scary for me! But if you know me, you know I want to be the master and not the student! Duh!

Ready to Let Go!

I am ready to get to work today. Right now. I read an awesome self help book which came at the perfect time for all of this. We have to decide when we are going to change our lives. Nobody else can do it for us. I refuse to stay stuck. I take 100% responsibility for my own life, remembering that I am unable to control much of what happens around me.

We all have our own journeys. And I must remember that we are all in different places of our journeys and sometimes we are not meant to cross with one another at the times we do. It’s ok to say goodbye. It’s ok to let go. And that is such an incredibly comforting thought for me. Knowing I can let go. That I don’t have to be in control. That I can just live. Live in the here and now. Enjoying and learning from each moment as it comes at me. Are you ready for that? I know I sure am!


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