Sacred Sunday

I have begun to theme everyday of the week into something that is related to health and wellness. Things that relate to mind, body, and spirit.  I named Sundays as sacred, not just for spiritual purposes, but I feel like Sunday is such a valuable day. Many of us feel that this is the beginning of our week. On Sundays I love to listen to our church service, make sure my house is cleaned, give myself a mini facial and sit down to plan out my week. I also meal plan and make my shakes for the week. This makes it less likely to mess up and grab something unhealthy to eat when I go through my day. Often, I push myself until I am starving before I eat and that is not a good or healthy way to do things. So this is why I call it sacred. It is time for me to plan the best week for me and take the necessary steps to help me not slip up. I reflect upon my past week, trying to set goals that will strengthen me.

I have gotten into a very deliberate morning routine. Hal Elrod named it, The Morning Miracle. It is a list of habits he suggested doing every morning. Although sometimes I don’t do them in his exact order, I do get them done. Right now is my writing portion. Often, I’ll write in my diary. Right now I’m reading the 5 Second Rule by Mel Robbins and this is a great book that describes why when we wake up, we cannot hit the snooze button. It’s a fascinating book and a game changer for me. It pairs beautifully with my morning routine from Hal’s book.

I have noticed just how much smoother my days go when I actually plan them out, get up early, and stick to my goals. I am NOT a morning person though. And with Covid and the shut down, I have become even less of a morning person. So these last two weeks have been hard trying to get myself out of bed before 11am. Now I’m up by the latest at 7am, going to bed and reading at 9pm. I also keep three alarm clocks in different areas of my room, so I must get out of bed and get moving. That’s the hardest part for me! Actually getting out of bed! Sometimes I can hear the child in me whining “But I don’t want to!” But when I get up early and have so much done before 10am, it’s an incredible feeling! The longer I go throughout my day, the less motivated I become wanting to do things. So, I make lists. And I don’t give myself time to think about if I don’t want to get them done.

It’s like going to the gym. I am the type that will be like, “I know I should go, but I really don’t want to.” Then I go down the rabbit hole. I procrastinate, finding little things that “must get done!” before I leave. Before you know it, it’s 5 minutes before class starts and they lock the doors, so there’s no going in late. “Ahhhh man!” I tell myself, “I was so going to go but now I can’t! I have to go later”. And I don’t. But if I just get in my car, get to the studio then I am ready to go! And it’s even harder now having to work out from home with online programs. The more I think about it, the less likely I will actually do it. Once I start? I become more motivated and I want to keep going. I know for a fact after reading The 5 Second Rule, that it’s not just me!

So, what are your goals for the week? Are they to tackle that project that you keep putting off because it seems tedious and boring? Or are you going to pretend like they don’t exist? I am really good at that! What about self-care? Are you making time to nurture yourself and give yourself love? Things as simple as washing your face and putting on skin care, or bigger goals like creating morning rituals, only for you? Are you planning out your meals? Your goals don’t need to be HUGE! It is probably best to take it slow. Notice how your body feels when you add a salad before your meal. How do you feel when you wake up just 30 minutes before you normally do, not hitting snooze, and begin your day with new, positive habit? Step out of your comfort zone and push yourself! You will thank me later!

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