Choose the package that works best for you

Unlimited Classes

$ 275
  • Unlimited Classes (Pilates Equipment and Cardio Classes-One class per day)

Intro to Pilates

$ 360
  • 5 Private Pilates Session
  • 5 private Pilates sessions to learn the basics, discuss which class format is best and learn how to use our equipment.

Pilates with Personalization

$ 150
  • One Time
  • This evaluation is done by our Physical Therapist and an instructor. It will allow us to help you determine the best direction to take your Pilates practice. It will also offer our instructors better insight into how to take care of your body during your sessions. We want to take care of you!
  • 15 Email Account

Class Packages

10 Pack

$ 300
  • The more you buy, the more you save! Want to save more? Let us know and we can work something out!

20 Pack

$ 570
  • The more you buy, the more you save! Want to save more? Let us know and we can work something out!

Private Pilates Packages Varies – 10 Packs start

$ 800
  • Private Pilates sessions allow your instructor to completely focus on your individual form and your individual needs. The more you buy, the more you save.

Duet Pilates Packages (2 People)

$ 120
  • 1 Session
    For 2 People

Duet Pilates Packages (2 People)

$ 1000
  • 10 Sessions

Cardio Classes

We are now offering our unique Pilates Plus Barre class, Piloxing SSP, Knockout and Barre, Yoga and our Fire and Ice class with a mixture of Real Ryder cycling, TRX, Pilates Jump board and Yoga. 

Personal Training

Your Pilates session is not only going to challenge you on the Pilates equipment, but it will also include body weight training (using your own bodyweight as resistance), strength training and flexibility work, just like you would encounter with any good personal trainer. Your Pilates instructor will also infuse some cardio elements into your session as well, whether it’s by using the Jump Board or taking you through some general calisthenics off the equipment to elevate that heart rate and give you a well rounded session that’s full body and brings together cardio, strength training and conditioning, and flexibility.

Remember any and almost all exercises designed on the Pilates equipment whether it be the Reformer, Cadillac or Stability Chair is resistance training. It’s also full body. So, in the time that you spend in your private session, you will be building long, lean muscle by using the resistance from the equipment. It’s impossible to “bulk up” in Pilates because of this reason. Muscles get to fully lengthen and flex with or against resistance while maintaining stability throughout the rest of the body and this creates the long, lean muscle, versus traditional equipment at the gym or spin bikes that create a more bulky looking physique.

Online Training

Learn at Home

Our Online Training Sessions

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