Aly DelCueto

Aly DelCueto is classically and comprehensively trained through Peak Pilates in Austin, TX. She has been practicing Pilates since the age of 13 and loves how this method rehabilitates, challenges, stretches, and strengthens the body. She is also a certified personal trainer through NASM and continues learning about muscle release through the Yamuna body rolling technique. Aly has a BFA in Dance and spent the last 6 years in Los Angeles pursuing life in the commercial dance industry. She loves all things movement and enjoys bringing a lot of creativity and detail to each of her Pilates sessions. 
Aly’s biggest loves are to work with men and women who are wanting to stretch/gain more flexibility and work on balance exercises, and she also enjoys working with anyone who likes to get a little creative and take some risks – if you are looking to feel like an acrobat for an hour, Aly is your girl. 
When not in the studio, Aly spends her time painting, dancing, hiking, doing photography, and being actively involved in her church. She has a huge passion for choreography and dance on film and spends a lot of her time in that type of creative space.