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Brittney Lair - Pilates Plus Studio

Brittney Lair


I have always loved being active. I started walking at 8 months so my mom thought the idea of putting me in dance at the age of two would be a good one. I started to teach dance and began choreography at 15. My dad was a doctor so being healthy was always modeled. I was a middle school teacher of health and wellness, so continually learning and leading healthy choices is a constant. I currently teach Yoga and Pilates. Always moving. Pilates makes me feel strong on the inside. A balance of body, mind and heart. I’m grateful to be able to have healthy posture and alignment and movement. I love being a part of seeing people make progress in strengthening their bodies and their minds and feeling good. I like the community we have built that serves our individual goals in the spirit of togetherness. Only good things come from pilates, coordination, balance, prevention of injuries, stability, body awareness, all of the muscles working together, tending to the finer ones. Pilates restores health and wellness in an environment with a tribe of supporters. Our bodies are these incredible machines. We need to take care of them so we can play until we are 100!


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