Kristie Frazier



My name is Kristie Frazier and I LOVE my job! The minute I found Pilates, my life changed forever. I discovered Pilates while trying to find some form of exercise that was less traumatic for my own body. I fractured my hip many years ago, while serving in the U.S. Navy, and still had serious issues. I was amazed how quickly I felt my entire body start to change. My strength, flexibility and stability all improved exponentially. I knew then, this was my new career path. So I became a STOTT certified instructor. I am so passionate about teaching Pilates because I truly believe it is the best choice of exercise, no matter what you want to accomplish. Perhaps the greatest thing about Pilates, EVERYONE can do it! No matter your age, gender or fitness level. I want to help all of my clients improve their lives and achieve whatever their goals may be. I love showing people the life changing benefits of Pilates! It is very important to me that every single client I have…. has a GREAT time while working as hard as possible. I work diligently to make my classes fun and upbeat, while still making sure my clients are doing things correctly. I want my people to gain as much knowledge and success as possible every session I have with them. I have always said “I am an acquired taste… some people get it, some don’t…. And I respect them either way!” I take great pride in being my true self and developing honest and real relationships with every person I have the privilege to train. I believe that true happiness comes from doing what you love….and I absolutely LOVE what I do!!!!

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