Melissa C. Peda



Who’s your ideal client?

That’s tricky…I love working with everyone. But my favorite? And I never, ever thought I’d say this…I love working with those who have injuries and helping them to see the results in regular practice. It’s a slower process and you really need to pay attention to the little details in the body. I had a woman tell me recently that she had been suffering from an achilles tear a long time back, and after a few sessions, for the first time in years, she stepped down the last step of her house without having to use the rail. Now that felt amazing to me!

Who’s the Most Fun to Work With?

Again, a lot of people but I love working with men! I have studied a bunch on their different needs in Pilates and feel like I really know what they need in a session. I love getting men into the studio because most don’t know how tight their bodies are . Hamstrings and hips are a given tightness with every man. They probably think I’m psychic when I ask them that right away! I love that men are beginning to see how important Pilates is to their daily routines and general health. But I really love when a man comes to me thinking Pilates is easy. Never tell an instructor that! It’s like telling a bartender your drink isn’t strong enough.

Outside of the Studio, Where Will We Find You?

Oh boy. I’m a traveller. But here in CO I will be hiking, singing at a local Karaoke joint, working out with my Healthy Me Athlete Aaron (he has Down Syndrome) or being lazy on the couch with my dogs. Have you met our Pilates Pup Buddy Yet?

What Hours do You Generally Train?

I’ll train whenever you need me. You need me there at 5am to get a jump start on your day? I’m here for you! Weekends? I’m in. But if I can’t, we have 5 other trainers who can. And they’re all wonderful!

What’s Unique About Your Studio?

Our teachers and our atmosphere. We all have a lot of experience doing what we do. And we all teach completely different styles. I love it! You will get the perfect teacher for what you need! Whether classical, contemporary or clinical styles we all know how to keep your body safe. That’s our biggest priority.

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