Olivia Grace



Olivia Grace grew up in Memphis, Tennessee where she danced ballet and flamenco with New Ballet Ensemble until moving to Indianapolis to attend Butler University. She graduated in 2015 from Butler with a B.A. in International Studies and Spanish with minors in German and English Literature. While at Butler, she became Peak Pilates and Piloxing® certified and taught Pilates, Barre, and Piloxing classes at several gyms and studios. After graduating in May, she moved to Denver to obtain her M.A. at the University of Denver in International and Intercultural Communications.

In Denver, she completed her Peak Pilates Comprehensive Certification and also became TRX Group Training certified.

She began taking Pilates classes at the age of 10, and she believes in and loves the holistic system that classical Pilates provides as it helped her recuperate from a back injury when she was 16. As a dancer, she studied the Bernal Method, a dance technique that focuses extensively on injury prevention and alignment. She carries these principles into her work as a Pilates instructor, emphasizing strong technique and form to prevent injury and incorrect muscle patterns.