The Guilt and Worry Trap!

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Anybody else live a life full of these two gems? I know I did and still battle with the two. More the worry and anxiety, but I feel that the two can go hand in hand. I have been battling both of these for as long as I’ve been alive, and I think I’ve just come to feel like they are just normal emotions. And it’s been something I have just thought I had to battle with for the rest of my life. It ebbs and flows now, and I have finally reached a point in my life where I want to get rid of it.

I have been reading and listening to stuff put out by Dr. Wayne Dyer and it’s been amazing! He talked about both these issues today and had incredibly valid points. Why hold onto either of these when we can’t change the outcome? If we feel guilty because of something that is already done, what good does that do? Of course, we can turn that guilt into activating change towards a certain situation. We feel guilty that we have more money than some? Maybe take action to begin helping those people. We feel guilty about a war that is already passed? Maybe work on educating others so that this type of war never happens again. We feel guilty about how we have treated others? Maybe we apologize. But just continuing to feel guilt? It literally does nothing to change anything. And often times can paralyze us. Prevent us from moving forward because we are stuck thinking about a past event. Which just isn’t healthy. I definitely need to begin asking myself “What good is this energy doing by feeling guilty about what happened?” I need to remember, it’s behind me and there is so much in my present moments I will miss out on being caught in a cycle of guilt. I challenge others to do this same thing. Especially if you are trapped in a cycle of what is called false guilt. Taking the blame for something you had no part of.

Worry. That’s my other big waste of time! I am a professional worrier! If this were a career? I’d be completely rich! Whether you call it worry or anxiety, I have it. I am constantly struggling with worrying about what hasn’t even happened. There’s a quote by John Mason: “Don’t tell me worry doesn’t do any good. I know better. The things I worry about don’t happen.” So why do we worry? And how does someone like me work on stopping it? Like guilt, worry ruins living in the moment. Basically, I don’t live in the moment because I’m too busy worrying about the future or feeling guilty about something from the past. How fun is that?! IT’S NOT! So, what are ways that I am using to combat these two icky feelings?

  1. I used to be a pretty regular journaler. But over the years I have just stopped. It’s like I just don’t have the energy because I’m too busy thinking about the past and future! I have too much on my mind!
  2. Brain dumping-I just learned about this one. You take out a piece of paper and just begin writing your thoughts on paper. Similar to journaling but just random words that are coming to your mind. Random thoughts you have to get out.
  3. I work out! This a huge one for me. A workout always helps me have to stay in the moment!
  4. I pray. I am very spiritual and am working more to develop that practice. Again, it’s something I often times can skip making time for. Not a good idea for me!
  5. I walk my dogs.
  6. Ask myself if there’s a reason, I’m feeling guilty and if there’s anything I can do to relieve that guilt. Otherwise? I need to release it.
  7. Meditate! I have a couple aps on my phone that really help me to relax and breathe through my emotions.
  8. Stop focusing on whatever emotion I’m feeling and re-focus on something positive and productive.
  9. Talk to my friends or family.
  10. Sing and dance!

These are just a few of my ways to try to reduce guilt and worry and enjoy living in the moment. We all have different ways that help to release these negative feelings. Tell us some of yours! Maybe they’ll help others to begin living fully in the moment!


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