Welcome to Buenos Aires!

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We have arrived! And so have all 11 of our bags! And only missing my mom’s hat. Somehow in all the transferring from the wheelchair, to the aisle chair, to her airplane seat it fell off. But if that’s all we are missing? In fairness to myself, I only have three bags (although I would have loved one just for my shoes!). Many of the bags are filled with my moms medical supplies which include syringes, pads for the bed, catheters, her food for the feeding tube, wipes, etc. It’s a lot! But on the way home? We will be a lot lighter.

It took some time getting through customs as they have to take pictures, finger prints and re-examine your bags through Xray. I have to say, over 6 months of daily Spanish practice and watching some of the best Telenovelas ever, my ability to communicate has improved. Until they are calling me over at customs and asking “Hablo Espanol?” I froze and used my fingers to make the “little” sign. In fact though, I know more than a little Spanish but need them to slow down. Often when you tell them you do speak Spanish, they go into lightening mode and that’s when it’s crazy!

Getting to locations does take us a lot longer with my mom because with all her care, she does need sleep too. So we flew from Phoenix to New York, spent the night in New York and then left yesterday for Buenos Aires. Today and tomorrow will be rest days with a little exploring. But nothing crazy. I don’t really even know what to expect with the area but I just love being in other people’s world and culture! 

Just driving from the airport to our hotel for the next few nights? You could so many run-down apartments. And they are one after another! That’s what happens when your population is over 15 million. Where we are staying is super cute! Reminds me of a combination of Los Angeles and New York city.

Tonight, we attend an authentic tango where the locals perform. I’m sure they’ll mistake me for an expert to come dance with them! Bucket list of a million to be checked off! 

Until tomorrow! 

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